Ashy Bines has strong social media presence that benefits both her business and the companies she endorses. Through creating collaborations with brands and promoting products on her social media platforms she effectively provides a larger audience for the brands she supports and piques her audiences interest as she supplies them with discount codes.

Clean Treat Factory

Ashy Bines has collaborated with another fitness guru, Charlie de Haas to create the Real Treat Mix in various flavours that Ashy makes. Ashy promotes the various health sweets through her Youtube channel reality TV show where she and one of her ‘squad’ members  create the treats.


The Real Treat Mix is heavily advertised through the social media platform, Snapchat.  Ashy is a constant user of the application, and uses it to promote her limited edition Real Treat Mix. By using the Snapchat application to promote the Real Treats it creates interaction with her followers as they are able to see the process of the recipe.

Her Facebook platform advertises when there is a restock of the products and any girls that follow Ashy can ask questions and gain access to the products first.

Bye Bye Bloat Tea

The product of Bye Bye Bloat Tea was created by Ashy Bines in collaboration with Charlie de Haas who founded the Clean Treats Factory. The makers of the tea claims that it reduces bloating and is advertised by Ashy on snapchat every night as she shows how to make it and talks about the benefits.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 2.46.18 pm

Source: @ashybinessnaps Instagram

On the website there is an explanation of what the ingredients are and what the tea will do for the consumer’s digestive system. “We’ve created a unique blend of digestive assistant herbs; fennel licorice and peppermint to help ease pain of digestive discomfort and wave bye bye to the bloat” (Clean Treats Factory, 2017).


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.00.52 pm

Source: @ashybinessnaps Instagram 

The @ashybinessnaps account posts content from Ashy’s Snapchat account that includes different products and their discount codes. They also publish inspiration and videos of exercises that Ashy Bines and her squad teach on their tours.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.01.28 pm

Source: @ashybinessnaps Instagram

The Instagram page is full of promotions for both Ashy Bines’ brands and other brands that Ashy supports like Happy Way Protein Powder and Breeze Balm which were mentioned in the previous blog post.

Greens Powder promotion

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.09.40 am.png

@ashybinessnaps Instagram

Morlife Greens Powder and how it came to be Ashy’s ‘go to product’ was advertised on her Snapchat story as she discussed her likes and dislikes about the other greens powders in existence. The evaluation of some greens powders informed her Snapchat following of things they should look for when buying one of the products that was mentioned.

Source: Ashy Bines Youtube Channel.

By popular demand Ashy created a video with a Naturopath, Sandy Ross who works for Morlife. Together they discussed the benefits and showed the audience how to make up the shake with the greens powder. By addressing frequently asked questions through a piece of social media content, they educated and entertained the audience while promoting the brand itself.

Who would influence you to purchase something they recommend? Sound off in the comments!

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