Ashy Bines has a major social media following filled with women trying to better themselves through following her programs to get fit and healthy. Ashy connects with her followers through many social media forms including; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The trainer has fitness programs that encourage women to lose weight in a healthy manner but, that’s not the only achievement that the guru has accomplished.

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In 2016, Ashy launched her tour around Australia and New Zealand which promoted her new fitness program, 28 Day Booty Challenge. After attending two of the live workouts I can honestly say that Ashy Bines is an amazing  entrepreneur that cares about her followers and their well being.

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Source: Image from Raw Season 1, Episode 8

The workouts were lively and energetic with her coaching a maximum of 4000 women at the Sydney tour. I myself got to experience the first Booty Tour stop on the Gold Coast, where she lives. The experience was amazing and Ashy and two of her best friends, Sammy Leo and Gretty Rose, rose to the occasion and coached the 1500 of us to the finish with funny banter and encouragement.

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Source: All Events

She completed her Booty Tour in Wellington and announced a new worldwide tour called, Squad. With the release of her new app her followers immediately jumped on board to support her in her new business ventures, an activewear label and a new exercise program, Squad.

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Ashy Bine’s Facebook Page

Ashy Bines made Squad to encourage girls to motivate each other with their diets and exercises. Until the 22nd of March the application for the Squad program was only offered to those who purchased tickets for her world wide tour. On Wednesday the 22nd she announced on her social media pages that she will be letting girls worldwide access the application for two weeks for free, which is a major promotional use of social media.

Her friend and business partner, Gretty Rose also has a clothing line called, Gretty Rose The Label, which launches with new styles every week on Thursday at 5:pm (QLD time)  and always manages to sell out of the clothing.

Gretty Rose the Label was promoted by Ashy Bines on her reality TV show, Raw and also on her snapchat (ashybines1).

As Gretty Rose is a part of Ashy’s Squad, her company was supported by Ashy Bines fully and her followers got behind the fashion line.
The style is designed by Gretty and channels a hippy, bohemian looked with beautiful fabrics imported from overseas.




A major announcement was made in the new year of 2017 with Ashy Bines declaring a new project, Toned by Ashy Bines. Her active wear line launched on the 16/03 and gained traffic of over 5000 girls trying to get their hands on Ashy’s exclusive line of clothing.

The active wear range’s first release was promoted on all her social media channels with promotional video’s, images of the line and posts about the launch date.

The Ashy Bines Empire successfully uses social media to promote numerous projects that will be explored in the following blogs.

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